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There are four houses at Preston - Shekinah House, Terra House, Aqua House and Tornado House.  Every student and staff member belongs to a house.  The House system at Preston is central to the pastoral care structure and arrangements in school. 

House Points 

Students have the opportunity of winning house points or merits for their houses.  At the end of every week, the house points that have been collected by members of the houses are calculated and announced in assembly.  House points can be collected for many reasons such as good classwork, good behaviour, neatness, effort, good sportsmanship etc.  Students who do not behave well or fail to complete assigned tasks lose house points.  Usually, other members of the house are not very happy with such students as they will undo the good work and effort that others have put in to gaining house points. 

House Parties 

The best house for the session has a party hosted by the school management.

House Meetings 

Regular house meetings are held during which staff and students discuss problems and come up with solutions.  Also, the house meetings offer a wonderful forum for socializing and getting to know each other better.

Happy Families

Houses are further broken down into smaller family units of around seven to eight students with a member of staff as the head of the family. The families provide support to one another in many ways.  These include support with school work, behaviour, personal hygiene and emotional support.  Families meet regularly but family support activities are on-going all the time. 

You may visit each house's webpage to learn more about the various houses.