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Preston International School means business. The social change agenda of the school means that staff and students of Preston must be well disciplined in all situations at all times. It is for this reason that the first Strategic Intent of the school (SI 1) states "To create a culture of excellent behaviour among staff and students".  Therefore, codes of conduct for staff and students are explicit and detailed so that everyone knows what is expected of them and the associated rewards and consequences of their behaviour. Preston International School employs a ‘Positive Assertive Discipline’ policy to help develop a positive school ethos. In other words, we reinforce and build on the positive aspects of behaviour. The school also recognizes and rewards the efforts pupils make towards building a positive school ethos.

At Preston all staff including non-academic staff are responsible for the behaviour of the pupils in the school. No one employed by the school is exempt from reporting unacceptable behaviour of any pupil in the school. All staff are required to know and to understand the Disciplinary Policy of the school. All staff are to accept their role as educators in the school as defined in this policy.  Staff have the responsibility of modelling the kind of behaviour that is expected in the school and therefore should lead by example. Courteous behaviour towards pupils by staff is expected by the directors.