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Jss1 vs. Jss2 Inter-Yeargroup Debate

Yes! It happened again.
The Head of year for the Jss1 students must be very proud of them as they displayed their plucky, audacious and assertive skill to support the motion that "Boarding School system is more beneficial to children" in a debate competition between the Jss1 and Jss2 students on the 18th of May, 2017.

The Jss1 chief speaker, Tomiwa Monehin supported by Princess Aguwuom and Ayotunde Akingbola stated their points clearly, developed the details concisely and countered their contenders brilliantly. 
The Jss2 contenders did a wonderful job as well but had to settle for a 60.6% performance share to that of the Jss1's 62%.

A fresh fire for brilliance, confidence and winning seems to be building up here. Students are now looking for areas they can showcase their competence and enjoy the ovation of their colleagues in a healthy and educative manner.

Please, give it up to this ingenious generation of Kings and Queens!

Check the full pictures here.