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One of the primary objective and mission of the school is "to raise fine, well-rounded, well educated, and well cultured, responsible, God-fearing ladies and gentlemen who will make huge contribution towards the promotion of human dignity in the society". That is the focus of the JSS3 CAREER WEEK that held between the 15th and 25th of May, 2017.

We can only accomplish this mission if our students are well positioned in their various careers.               

Because of this, every year after the jss3 NECO examinations we bring in professionals from different careers to come and talk to our students on these careers. Careers touched include ICT profession, Education, Accounting Lecturing and Engineering, Journalism, Medicine, Legal Profession, Entrepreneurship amongst others. We also make the students to do intensive research with the aid of ICT to build their knowledge base on up-to-date modern careers.

After the research, the students make presentations based on their career choice in 2 groups called the "Home group and Expert group". The presentations are judged by the panel of judges to know the winner.                 

When they go home for their long holiday, a work experience book is given to them so that they spend some weeks to experience first-hand what the career is like. This will also help in decision making.

The objectives of this exercise are:

1. To significantly increase the knowledge of every jss3 student about age-long traditional careers as well as the newly emerging careers of the 21st century.

2. To inform the students of the various career routes available within Nigeria and abroad.

3. To use a variety of techniques in identifying 'best-fit' career choices.

To spend quality time in praying for God’s guidance and to receive divine direction.


Click to see some pictures of the career program.

Also, check here to see pictures of their career presentations.