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Sss1 vs. Sss2 students' Quiz Competition

In another surprise turn of events, Ss1 Students came out on top of Ss2 Students in the much-heated QUIZ COMPETITION between the two on the 11th of May, 2017.

It seems for a minute that 'lady luck' ran out on the Ss2 students as they repeatedly picked the tougher math questions but still ended defeating their Ss1 counterparts with 2points in the MATH QUIZ. The Ss1 students ensured they got their pound of flesh in the ENGLISH QUIZ defeating the Ss2 students with the same 2points. In the final round (GENERAL QUIZ), the Ss1 students stretched the margin by defeating the Ss2 students with 4points, ending the competition with a whooping 30points as against their opponents 26points.

Show me a committed person, and I will tell you one who can beat the talented. Dedication is key! There is no giant too great to be overturned!

Congratulations to these Ss1 pupils who ensured that their light continues to shine.

Check the pictures here.