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Preston International School was one of the prestigious schools at the NISSMUN (Nigerian International Secondary Schools Model United Nations) Conference held @ the Abuja International Conference Centre titled "Eliminating Hate Speeches and Violent Crimes.”


The conference was a success. Preston International School students were made head of four countries and Akaolisa Ngwu (a Prestonian) bagged the award of best Rapporteur for the 2015 conference.

The students made a communiqué which was sent to different embassies of countries that the students represented (including Nigeria), hoping that this will be passed on to the proper authority for future implementation.

There were talks, dramas, dance, poetry and committee sessions on the theme "Eliminating Hate Speeches and Violent Crimes". Preston International School is indeed blazing the trail and setting the pace for others to follow. Click here to view some of the event Pictures