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THE NEW DINING HALL @ Preston International School - a beauty to behold. Taking its first host to the 2014/2015 Graduation Ceremony Reception.

All glory, praise and honour to God, the Architect of the Universe, who inspires us to follow in His steps. Standing back and gazing at this edifice, I can well relate to how God felt when He stood back and observed His works as recorded in the holy writing, "...and behold, it was very good". I love it!

Now, Prestonians will have the pleasure of having breakfast, lunch and dinner every day in this glorious edifice. It also doubles as a multi-purpose hall as it has a good sized stage, two back stage-rooms and conveniences for ladies and gentlemen.

The hall took its first host to the 2014/2015 Graduation ceremony reception. It was marked with the clanging sounds of celebration, smiley faces of families and departing tears of joy from the graduands. Oh! What a beautiful sight to behold.


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