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JSS3 Career Programme 2015

The Jss3 students conducted their career week programme from 18th – 20th of May, 2015 after the junior NECO examination. The career week gives an opportunity for the Jss3 students to take a glimpse into the future of the profession they aspire for.


During the career week, professionals from different works of life were brought in to lecture / educate the students on the basics and subject requirements to study such profession in the university.
The students were divided into two (2) groups. Each student was assigned two (2) groups called the ‘Expert group’ and the ‘Home group’.

The expert groups were given professions like Legal, Health care, Engineering, Education, Administration, Finance, Media, ICT etc. They researched on the professions and a date was set for presentations.

On the day of presentation, they came out and delivered what they had found out about the profession /career given to them. After the expert group presentations, the students went into their home group and made research on what they aspire to be in future and a day was set aside for them to present. The expert and home groups were judged by the panel of judges and the results were announced with rewards for good performance.
This year, education won the expert group category, while Home group 6 won the home group category.
The next thing for the Jss3 students is work experience which they will embark on during their long holiday.