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Obudu Mountain Resourt Trip

On the 6th of April 2012, 42 Year 11 students took off from Preston and headed to Obudu Mountain Resort in Cross Rivers State for a wonderful time.  The team was led by Mrs. Osekita (V.P. Admin) and Mr. Oluwole Fayanju (Teacher of Geography).  It was a memorable experience...

On the 6th of April 2012, between 6pm and 8pm, Mr. Oluwole Fayanju (Teacher of Geography) had a brief meeting with 42 students that would be doing their Geography fieldwork at Obudu Mountain Resort prior to taking off on the 7th of April.  Mrs. Pedetin Osekita, Mr. Oluwole Fayanju, Nurse Seun Onifade and the forty-two students journeyed to Obudu Mountain Resort in Obanlinku Local Government Area of Cross Rivers State.  Mr. Fayanju filed the report below:

"On the 8th of April, we went for Easter Sunday servicein the morning and we had a buffet lunch, shows etc in the afternoon.  In the evening, we used the internet service at the Obudu Mountain Reception, we called our loved ones on hones and we had games, films, sports etc.  On the 9th of April, we visited the following places on the mountain in the morning:  Grotto; Intestine Road View point; Waterfall; Becheve Nature Reserve; Canopy Walk.  In the evening, we had games, TV, sports etc.  On the 10th, we learnt how to carry out surveying and it was supervised by Mr. Fayanju.  The 42 students surveyed an area with the Compass Traverse method.  The next day, the students worked in their groups, carrying out necessary research related to their fieldwork.   On the 12th of April, we all flew into the sky with cable wagons that carried us to a water body where we swam and had lots of fun.  The weather at the Obudu Mountain Resort is temperate and ranged between 5 and 15 degrees Centigrade.  On the 13th, we went back to our different fieldwork groups to complete our researches.  We returned on the 14th of April.  On the 1st of May, we had our fieldwork paper presentation in the school."

We thank God for journey mercies and the wonderful experience which they had at Obudu.  Check out the photos for this trip in the Photo Gallery.  God bless.