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Aqua House Party(Celebrating the Champions of the 17th Inter-House Sports Competition)

It was all sights and sounds on Saturday, 27th April 2024, as Preston International School celebrated Aqua House members for their teamwork, perseverance, and intense effort which made them champions of the keenly contested 17th Inter-house Sports Competition.

The party had sumptuous meals and snacks, such as Pizza, Shawarma, Ice Cream, Small Chops, Fried Rice, White Rice, Chicken, Beef, and of course, their specially prepared goat meat ’Asun’ with chilled drinks.
It was indeed a great opportunity for Aqua students to build a community with their housemates and continue cultivating house engagement and pride. This, undoubtedly has been a reward system at Preston that creates lasting memories and fires up our students.
A well-deserved celebration of the Blues!