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Terra House Party (Celebrating the best house of the 2022-23 Session)

The best house for the 2022/23 Academic session had a blast on Saturday, the 30th of September, 2023 hosted by the Directors, Mr & Mrs Ajayi in the school’s dining hall; this is in line with Preston’s reward policies, which remain outstanding, as everything matters.  House members all have the responsibility to contribute to the house points' pot and the house with the overall highest points wins a party.  Students gain points for a wide range of things, such as academic performance, good behaviour and attitude, participating well in extracurricular activities and for effort.

It was all sights and sounds, overwhelmed with the rejoicing voices of Terra house members to see themselves trounce all competitors to emerge as the best house of the just concluded session.

The students enjoyed activities such as the Indomie challenge, a balloon bursting challenge, guess the Tik-Tok music challenge, a drinking and dancing competition etc.

The students commended their houseparents for their immeasurable love and support in attaining this feat.
And of course, the students had for themselves tantalizing meals and drinks to round off their well-deserved evening.

What a lovely night it was!

Click here for pictures.