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2022 Independence Day Celebration - Inter-House Speech Competition

The Independence Day celebration continued with speech presentations relating to independence by house representatives in the school such as Causes, Effects and Solutions to Brain Drain in Nigeria by Aqua House, Corruption in Nigeria - Who Takes the Blame? Leaders or the Followers? by Shekinah House, Nigeria at 62, the Pain and the Gain by Terra house, Cultural diversity in Nigeria - a Blessing or a Curse? by Tornado house. The valid points raised, stage presence and confidence displayed by these young chaps were exceptional.

The event that swept the audience to their feet was the stage of reciting one's favourite freedom fighter where past leaders were mimicked and history was made known; it was indeed a fun moment.

Click here for the Inter-House Speech Competition pictures.

Later that evening, the students enjoyed various Independence Day presentations like drama and dance that capped the days' activity.

Check out the evening independence presentations pictures here.