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Digital Learning Centre (D.L.C.) Commissioned @ Preston International School 14th Feb 2022

Teaching and learning pedagogy was taken to a new level at Preston International School, Akure on Monday 14th February as the school’s super-duper Digital Learning Centre (D.L.C.) was commissioned by Mr Sim Shagaya (CEO and Founder of uLesson Education) duly represented by Mr Oladayo Popoola.

The ultra-modern facility housing hundreds of gadgets for the daily use of Prestonians such as tablets loaded with the uLesson app and other digital learning apps and tools, projectors for effective teacher instruction and dedicated 24/7 super-fast 50 mbps MTN internet link is set to propel our pupils’ academic achievements on the upward trajectory.

The small but significant commissioning ceremony commenced with the dynamic school band playing the national anthem and the school’s anthem – ‘May we be a shining light to the nations’, followed by a speech by the school’s proprietor, Mr. Toyin Ajayi on the importance of continuously embracing emerging technologies in education at Preston International School. This is in addition to the over 200 networked computers that the school already has in 7 suites around the school. He said, “We are moving with the times. We are working with the grain” even as young people are intuitively choosing and suggesting to us their preferred methods of learning which embrace VAK (visual, audio and kinaesthetic) forms of learning with lots of animation that break down complex concepts into easy to understand and manageable bite-size bits for our students, making learning and achievement fun as opposed to the arduous and long-winded methods of yesteryears. Knowledgeable and perceptive providers of education will realize that they really do not have a choice if they want to remain relevant in the 21st century. With the advancement of technology, teachers are not going to become irrelevant, but teachers who fail to embrace technology will soon become irrelevant. It’s like choosing between been transported on camel back or riding in a Tesla.

The commissioning ceremonies commenced with the unveiling of the Digital Learning Centre, manufactured by John Kollyns Global Resources and the honour was given to Pastor John Kolawole the C.E.O. of John Kollyns. Also, the ribbon to the centre was cut by Mr. Popoola while the unveiling of the plaque was carried out by Mrs. Funmi Ajayi, the Proprietress of Preston International School. This was followed by a tour round the facility with some technology-driven lessons going on in some of the newly kitted out suites – a fully digital lesson using the uLesson app, a Robotics and Coding class using Python and some of the newly acquired 15 x class set Active Spike robots in the school were seen by all. The event was finally capped off with a vote of thanks by Mr. Akinrinwa the V.P. Academics. There was light refreshments for everyone involved and photos taken – with a lot of banter about technology in between.

Mr. Oladayo Popoola of uLesson in his speech commended the school for this giant stride and did confirm that in his visits to over 500 schools in Nigeria, Preston’s Digital Learning Centre takes the lead in the area of investment in technology.

Truly, as written on the plaque, this is “To the glory of God and the advancement of human knowledge”. Glory be to God.

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