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 Prize Giving Ceremony 3rd Term 2016-17 Session

What a remarkable time in history the 27th of July, 2017 was? The Prize Giving ceremony for the 3rd term 2016/17 session was filled with life and excitement as rewards flowed out freely to those who had burnt the midnight candle and channeled their effort smartly to earn a prize.

Couple of presentations like the sax duet, violin solo and the ever amazing mass choir gave the event a fizzy feel and a dazzling touch.
It was a double award event, rewarding students for their outstanding performance in the term and the entire session as a whole.
Awards were given to best student in each subject per year group (3rd Term & 2016/17 session), 3.5 CGPA and above, Overall best student (3rd Term & 2016/17 session), Behavioural awards, Neatest class awards, best classroom display awards, special awards, staff awards and best house awards(3rd Term & 2016/17 session).

Shekinah house took 1st position with 4409points in the third term house awards, followed by Terra house with 4000points, Tornado got the 3rd spot with 3931points and Aqua house cementing the last position with 3828points. But in a surprise twist of event, Aqua house came up as the overall best for the session and would be enjoying their house party next session.
Smart work deserves a reward and this event has sure promoted that fact.


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